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Navigating Allergies and Food Sensitivities


Allergy Free Book Recommendations

Here is a list of books that have been invaluable to me and my family while navigating this frustrating, sometimes scary, and complicated journey of food allergies and sensitivities.

The Gluten Connection: How Gluten Sensitivity May Be Sabotaging Your Health – And What You Can Do to Take Control Now
by Shari Lieberman, PHD,CNS, FACN and Linda Segall

After being gluten free, my health improved in many ways. However, I also realized that I still had other symptoms that just wouldn’t leave. This book shed light on other issues that were linked to gluten sensitivity that Doctors never mentioned to me such as osteoporosis, infertility, neurodegenerative diseases, autoimmune and thyroid issues and more. It is an eye opener if you are gluten free but are still not feeling well.

The Princess and the Peanut: A Royally Allergic Tale

by Sue Ganz-Schmitt and illustrated by Micah Chambers-Goldberg

This is a good children’s book that I was just introduced to by the author and it is sold on amazon. She sent me a pdf to review it for free. I would like to add this to our list of recommedations on our site.

I like this book because it is a book with a storyline to entertain the reader, not a boring “text” book. While it is a childrens’ “fairy-tale,” it informs of symptoms, seriousness of allergic reactions, and what to do if and when one occurs, without the reader realizing they are learning. I recommend this book for kids and their parents; with and without allergies!

The Essential Gluten-Free Grocery Guide

by Triumph Dining – Gluten Free Publishing

This is a great grocery shopping guide which lists over 30,000 brand and store name products that are gluten-free. It is very helpful especially when beginning the gluten free diet or for in-laws who are trying to get a grip on how to provide food for their gluten free loved ones.

The Essential Gluten-Free Restaurant Guide

by Triumph Dining – Gluten Free Publishing

This is a great resource guide to restaurants across the U.S. that offer a gluten free menu. It goes in my carry on when I travel on business or family trips; it takes some of the stress out of dining out.

Fast Facts: Celiac disease

by Geoffrey Holmes, Carlo Catassi, Alessio Fasano 2’nd edition

This is a fast fact overview by three international experts. “It considers: Celiac disease in all its forms – typical, atypical, silent, potential and latent Gluten sensitivity, genetic risk and predisposing physiological abnormalities. The variable presentation of disease in both adults and children Associated autoimmune disorder and more. It is an excellent clinical resource for the primary care team, gastroenterologists in training and anyone who wants to know more about this challenging disease. Contents: Definition; Epidemiology; Pathophysiology; Clinical manifestations; Diagnosis; Non-malignant complications; Dermatitis herpetiformis; Malignant complications; Management; Future trends.”

Quick-Fix Gluten Free

by Robert M. Landolphi

I love this cook book. It goes beyond baking gluten free sweet treats. I have tried several of the recipes such as Creamy Chicken Marsala, which was delicious, feta-zucchini medallions with lemon – garlic yogurt sauce, unique and tasty, to Turkey and tart apple meat loaf, it was a family winner! There are recipes for breakfast, appetizers, salads, comfort foods, international dishes, desserts and more. I look forward to cooking for my guests who will not even realize that the dishes are gluten free, just simply delicious!

Gluten Free Every Day Cookbook

by Robert M. Landolphi

I have not tried the recipes in this book yet, but I can only expect good things based on my experience with his book “Quick – Fix Gluten Free.”

Living Without Magazine

A 12 month subscription magazine dealing with issues regarding gluten sensitivities and food allergies. Aside from various articles, it also provides great tasting recipes especially nice for Holiday ideas.

Gluten Free: Practical Advice for a Happy, Healthy Gluten-Free Life

This is a practical easy to read book about living gluten free. Claire Baker, the author, talks about celiac diagnosis, gluten sensitivity, and the process of living gluten free. She covers how to set up your kitchen, plan your meals, travel, eat out, manage your weight, and more.

Finally . . . Food I Can Eat!: A dietary guide and cookbook featuring tasty non-vegetarian and vegetarian recipes for people with food allergies and food intolerances.

A dietary guide and cookbook written by Shirley Plant, plagued by many food allergies/intolerances, chronic fatigue syndrome, and fibromyalgia. This guide book has easy, delicious recipes “that will appeal to everyone in the family-and your guests will never know they are eating allergen-free food. A useful introduction and guide to food allergies and intolerances. A quick, easy to follow, informational guide to natural food chemicals, food additives, food families, and rotation diets. Substitutions and alternatives to common foods that you need to avoid. Recipes that are low in sugar and cholesterol and are great for those following diabetic, candida, allergy-free, or heart-smart diets. ”

Great Book!