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Recommendations for when to Introduce Foods to Babies has Changed Again

According to the Chicago Tribune article “Researchers say order of introducing food to babies plays no role in developing food allergies“, it now no longer matters “when” to introduce certain allergenic foods to babies diets.

When my first born arrived 19 years ago, there was no advice on this, or I clearly didn’t hear about it. Although I didn’t introduce any solids to his diet until he was 6 months old, and the only exposure he received from allergic type ingredients were via breast milk during this time.

Because of symptoms, I altered my diet, removed eggs, dairy, and peanuts and nuts. When I did, my baby finally took comfortable “real” naps for the first time, and his projectile vomiting and diarrhea ceased. These allergies were then confirmed by his allergist! When my second and third children were born, I kept up the same regimen, based on my own experience. I wonder what Doctors will be recommending when my children have children.

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