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Probiotics for Cleaning and Controlling Dustmites

Here is an interesting new method for cleaning and contolling dust mites.  It will be interesting to follow.

The Park In

Hotel imagen by Radisson Manchester, City Centre is always looking to improve accommodation for customers. A new cleaning regime, based on Chrisal PIP (Probiotic in Progress) Allergy-friendly products, has been implemented at the hotel. The PIP concept is a green, non-toxic and harmless way of cleaning

Pro-B Air system. Pro-B Air is a unique technological method which distributes probiotic material through air-conditioning and ventilation systems in a controlled manner. 

The probiotic bacteria has the character of reducing mould, yeast, organic microscopic dirt including some that may act as allergens. While we can not measure air quality, we can measure level of bacteria in the environment. Our product contains safe good probiotic bacteria. 
The specific help for people who suffers from Dust Mite allergens is that the bacteria are hungry creatures and it needs to eat and drink. When sprayed on beds and carpets the bacteria consume Dust Mite feces and organic nutrients. The result is the removal of Dust Mite allergens hence creating a cleaner less allergic environment. In the same way the bacteria will drink the moisture that the Dust Mites would normally consume. This will result in reduction of the number of Dust Mites. 

 You can find more information about Pro-B Air in a newly released article at the following address or on our company website


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