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Halloween Candy

I don’t know about the rest of you who deal with food allergies and food sensitivities, but Halloween is usually a big bummer (for them) because after all of that trick or treating, my kids can’t eat most of it any way.

We not only have peanut allergies, but nuts, corn, gluten, salicylates sensitivity, and fructose intolerance. Each kids challenges are different, just as all human beings are, so we trade treats, but this year, I’m not sure there is anything that my youngest can have due to his newest food allergy and sensitivity diagnosis.

Well, I just found out that my dentist has an incentive this year. For obvious reasons, they are collecting candy from kids who have “too much” candy after Halloween, and they will send the candy overseas to our troops! The kids that bring in the candy will be entered into a contest to win different prizes, which are anything from:

  1. Tickets to an amusement park
  2. Movie Tickets

I think this an awesome idea for kids who have food allergies and sensitivities! Now my kids might decide to work even harder!


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