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Gluten in Makeup and Topical Products

Can it really hurt a Celiac or Gluten sensitive individual?

I am not a doctor or scientist, however, I read an article about “How Workplace Chemicals Enter the Body

  • Inhalation (breathing)
  • Skin contact
  • Digestive system (ingestion or eating)
  • Injection

..and it goes on to say that..  Oxygen in the inhaled breath crosses the alveolar walls to enter the blood within the capillaries. Once oxygen has become attached to the blood inside the veins, it is then distributed throughout the body. Chemical vapours, gases and mists which reach the alveoli in the lungs can also pass into the blood and be distributed around the body.

Sometimes, the concentration of chemicals reaching the alveolar air sacs is lower than in the workplace air. This is because the airways contain a lining of sticky, thick fluid called mucus. Tiny hairs, known as cilia, on the inside of the tubes constantly carry this mucus upwards towards the back of the throat. In some instances, a portion of the gases, vapours and mists may be dissolved in this mucus before they reach the alveolar sacs.

Solid, visible particles found in dusts, fumes and smoke that have escaped the filtering mechanisms of the nose may also be trapped by the mucus. The mucus is wafted by the tiny cilia hairs until it reaches the back of the throat where it is either expelled through the mouth or swallowed and passed to the stomach. In this latter case, the contaminating chemicals will enter the body in the same way as contaminated food or drink. This is dealt with in more detail in the section on the digestive system.

If you get the make up in your eyes, it could possibly be transported through the veins in the eyes, and if it is a powder which can be inhaled, then it can be transported to the gut via mucous trapped in the nose or throat. In theory, it is possible that if the oatmeal bath was a powder, that it was inhaled, trapped, and transported to the intestinal tract via mucous.

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