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Diet Challenges

According to some of the medical literature, after being on the elimination diet (for salicylate sensitivity) for a month or so, you may test some of the suspected offenders every 4 days to determine if your body can tolerate some in small doses. The point of this is to allow variety into the diet, not just for taste, but to avoid creating other sensitivities. The more repetition in a specific food, the increased chances of creating another sensitivity.

We tried it with my son, we found that he is extremely sensitive to garlic, so easy enough, we will avoid garlic at all costs. He also tested with mint gum, (not my recommendation) but he is 13 and needs some control in his choices, which is high in salicylates. He is suffering from headaches, extreme asthma flare up, nausea, and stomach cramping. We will go back to square one, avoid “all salicylates” until his symptoms subside, and let him decide if and when he will test others.

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