Allergy Free Info helps people with allergies and food sensitivities navigate a path to healthy living.
Navigating Allergies and Food Sensitivities

Coping Skills For Children


School Based Projects:  Some adolescents and teenagers have dealt with their food allergies and sensitivities by incorporating them into their school studies or other projects.



Eight Grader incorporates food allergies into his science project.

Chirag, an eight grader, is studying allergies (he has had to deal with them since birth) for his science project this year.  his hypotheses he is testing is the difference in allergies reported in the US (as proxy for developed countries) and in India (as a proxy for developing countries).  He needs several hundred survey respondents from the US and India reporting on their family’s history of allergies.  He is looking for people who “HAVE” and do “NOT” have allergies for his study.  Go to for his survey.  The survey needs to be completed by Sunday 2/24/13.  He will report back with his results!


16 Year Old Creates Restaurant Chain Allergen Listing Site

Emily, a 16 year old,  created a website that lists  ingredient information  for more than 60 restaurant chains.   She has turned her condition, of life long anaphylaxis to various food allergens, into a tool to help others!



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