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Airborne Flour

My 13 year old son went on a field trip last week. I didn’t think to check into the details, I knew they were going to be walking a lot outside…but when he came home from the trip, he needed to nebulize immediately. After his treatment, I asked him how his field trip was. He said that it was horrible, his asthma flared at “The Mill”. I looked up at him, and asked just as he also answered, “What kind of mill?” his answer “A flour Mill”.

Oh my goodness! I didn’t even see “Mill” listed on the agenda, my fault. Obviously, the flour mill was a bad idea! I emailed the district school nurse and appropriate personnel, to let them know, not just for my own son, but for other kids who have gluten intolerance, sensitivities, wheat allergies, or asthma.


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