Allergy Free Info helps people with allergies and food sensitivities navigate a path to healthy living.
Navigating Allergies and Food Sensitivities

Terms of Use

www.AllergyFreeInfo.comwas developed to provide you and your family an easy way of understanding your allergy, staying current on developments in living with an allergy and an opportunity to find the allergy free products you need.

By using, you acknowledge and agree with our terms and conditions as stated below.

Medical Disclaimer

None of the information on this web site should be substituted for the advice of your physician. You must discuss your health and allergies or food sensitivities with your doctor for a full diagnosis and a recommended dietary plan.

Product Disclaimer will always work to ensure that information on our site is completely accurate. However by shopping on the site, the customer, acknowledges and understands that cannot guarantee the allergy information, ingredients, and manufacturing information provided on this web site is complete, current, or error-free. The customer must read all packaging information and ingredients upon receipt of products prior to consumption, and if they have any doubts or concerns regarding the contents, they will not consume or use the products, and will contact the Manufacturer.

Privacy Policy & Communicating with respects and will make its best effort to preserve your privacy. We will ensure that your personal information remains private and secure.

If you send us an inquiry via email we will respond by email.

Pricing and Product Availability are subject to change at any time, depending on market conditions.

Warranties and Limited Liability distributes and refers you to products on behalf of other manufacturers, and fitness of these products and product warranties are the responsibility of the original manufacturer. will not be liable for any damages created by using these products.

It is the customer’s responsibility to contact the manufacturer with ANY questions or concerns about the allergy-free ingredients in the product. He or She MUST read every label prior to consumption, as it is the customer’s ultimate responsibility to ensure that the product’s ingredients are safe.

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